Laleh Shahidi
Laleh Shahidi


  • Create positive change in communities by developing programs to increase physical, mental, emotional and social resilience; as well as to increase awareness about the importance of creating meaning and purpose in life.


  • Provide education about four dimensions, competencies and skill sets of resilience building
  • Develop mechanisms for dialogue and discussion on well-being and resilience challenges with awareness to issues of diversity within communities
  • Provide toolkit and activities to reduce the occurrence, frequency, and severity of distress and/or impairment of participants
  • Provide education, activities and resources that are relevant to the needs of diverse communities


2014 Year end 20141231 Resilience progress report (.PDF)
2015 Q1 20150308 Resilience - LShahidi - ca (.PDF)
2015 Q2 20150531 Resilience - LShahidi - ca (.PDF)
2015 Q3 20150730 Resilience - BRasine (.PDF)
2015 Q3 20150730 Resilience - LShahidi (.PDF)

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