Jacqueline Chan
Jacqueline Chan
Kennan Salerno
Kennan Salerno


  • Build relationships and grow trust between CHC strategic partners.


  • Create framework to facilitate partnerships that can be customized for collaborative projects.
  • Facilitate partnership process to help CH-MRC establish and maintain more high-impact partnerships.
  • Create a system of gathering, evaluating, and sharing information regarding partnerships to allow transparent tracking of partnerships, efficient collaboration, and identify opportunities to reach out to more strategic partnerships.
Game Plan:
  1. Create the three levels of partnership that are outlined in those docs as a place to start
  2. Go through the google docs suggested partners spreadsheet, and give our best first pass assignment of organization to a specific level
  3. Check with the primary contact person from within CH-MRC to determine if we have chosen what they think is the best categorization, and to then explore and think through what this partnership will bring.


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2015 Q1 20150311 WEAVE - KSalinero - ca (PDF)
2015 Q2  
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2015 Q4    

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