Heidi Dulay
Heidi Dulay


  • Reduce obesity rates in the United States by working with communities to improve nutrition and diet


  • Select the communities and groups to work with, from the “preferred customers” listed in the CH MRC Jobs Study: CH MRC members; MRC unit coordinators; HOSA members, administrators and leaders; and businesses that are committed to employee thriving.
  • Identify relevant nutrition and diet (N&D) programs and resources existing within the selected community(ies). (for CH MRC Job No. 1)
  • Identify people in the communities to be served by CH MRC EAT’s work, and who would be invited to participate in the project. The project would include the use of crowd-sourcing platforms and questionnaires to encourage community members to suggest their own N&D solutions.
  • Review the N&D solutions used by the programs, resources and community members identified in 2 and 3 above. Write a summary of the N&D solutions to be used in CH MRC EAT’s work with the community.
  • Design a simple scalable program to create opportunities for people to become aware of N&D issues among community members (Core Job No. 5), and to take control of their health (Core Job No. 6).
  • Design an evaluation of the program.
  • Obtain commitment from specific customers to implement the program and participate in evaluating it.
  • Implement and evaluate the program over 4 months.
  • Review the program outcomes and outline next steps.


2014 Year end 20141231 EAT progress report (.PDF)
2015 Q1 20150312 EAT - HDulay - ca (.PDF)
2015 Q2    
2015 Q3 20150728 EAT - FLee (.PDF)

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