Laleh Shahidi
Laleh Shahidi


  • Support and provide direction for CHMRC members to ensure committee activities reflect organizational vision, mission and values.


  • Establish the strategic direction, policies and programs for the organization

The MRC committee will::

  • Develop and implement strategic plan / road-map
  • Develop processes and procedures that are aligned with CHMRC’s vision, mission, values and purpose
  • Determine organizational CHMRC’s structure, unit composition and position descriptions
  • Organize and plan monthly meetings
  • Track and record committee’s activities
  • Review and record committee performance
  • Reevaluate organizational purpose, mission, goals and objectives
  • Reevaluate administrative practices


2014 Year end 20141121 CH MRC Meeting Minutes (.PDF)
2014 Year end   CHMRC Jobs Study - Findings Nov 21 2014 (.PPTX)
2014 Year end   CH-MRC Jobs Questionnare laleh & Dan 12.3.14 (.DOCX)
2015 Q1 20150122 CH MRC meeting minutes (.PDF)
2015 Q1 20150312 CH MRC meeting minutes (.PDF)
2015 Q2 20150514 MRC (.PDF)
2015 Q2 20150627 CH MRC meeting minutes ca (.PDF)
2015 Q3 20150730 CH MRC committee updates (.PDF)
2015 Q3 20150730 20150730 - FINAL Minutes CH MRC meeting (.PDF)
2015 Q3 20150702 MRC telecon (.PDF)

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