Brien Shamp
Cindy Mason
Denet Lewis
Cindy Mason


  • Roll out movement based programs for kids and adults to help communities reduce obesity, depression, stress and pain. To improve energy, focus, strength, endurance, posture and resilience to improve overall health and vitality.


  • Design a scalable afterschool youth fitness program to improve fitness and health – Youth Fitness Boot Camp.
  • Create coaching program for HOSA Members to enhance health & fitness to make them better role models.
  • Create scalable adult fitness programs using schools, churches and health clubs.
  • Assess benefits of programs at 90 day increments.


2014 Year end    
2015 Q1 20150121 FIT - BShamp - ca (.PDF)
2015 Q2 20150521 FIT - BShamp - ca (.PDF)
2015 Q3 20150728 FIT - BShemp (.PDF)

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